Why Are So Many Sexy And Intelligent Ladies Still Single?


Each day we notice more and more intelligent, strong, and attractive women being single.

We get the question in our mind as, “How is this amazing lady still riding solo?” Some people wonder, “If a woman like this is alone, is there ever gonna be hope for me?”.

Unfortunately many people are unable to realize the inside of these ladies. Most of these unmarried women think that they’re better than the others around them. It’s simply because of the difficulty to find a life partner who supports her personal growth. They lack partners who love their forward personalities and love them as they are.

These types of strong females simply don’t have time for half-ass relationships. They are aware of the targets of life and they work hard to achieve them. The best thing about them is that they never chill when they accomplish goals. They work hard to get things fulfilled.

Perhaps some might be impressed with all these features while some might be disappointed.

The seven reasons for the sexy and intelligent females to remain single.

1. A strong woman needn’t have a partner to be complete.

This type of an intelligent self-reliant female is already complete. She doesn’t need to become half of another person to be complete. She desires a man just to add value to her life, not to complete her.

2. She has objectives of achieving high standards.

These types of females have high targets and they work hard to achieve them. Therefore, she searches for a partner who’s the same. She’s determined and confident all the time. This is the main reason for these types of females to not accept a person whose passion for life doesn’t go on par with hers.

3. She doesn’t desire Prince Charming.

These females are well grown women with set standards and admirable aspirations. They aren’t typical teenage girls who believe that everything in life would be magically set as she encounters her prince. The truth is they need a partner not a savior.

4. She works confidently with a great effort into all sections of her life.

She never condemns relationships. She will do her best in a relationship like the other aspects of her life. She will never remain still for getting things done, instead she works hard to get them done. Perhaps, as said for some, this commitment would be intimidating.

5. She will never become a second option.

This type of a female never tolerates being the second best of someone. She is aware about what she can give in her relationship. Therefore, she would never settle with being a second option. The powerful personality of her would never let her to be disrespected like that.

6. She is unlikeable to tolerate nonsense.

These intelligent females are very well aware about the toxic people around them. Some people play little mind games with these ladies as they have no power on them. But, remember they see all of them through the facade.

7. She might be fierce sometimes.

Unfortunately some people are intimidated and not inspired due to her ambitions, determination and passion for life. This will never be a reason for her to fall down. She knows that the one who genuinely is in need of becoming a part of her life would recognize her confidence, strength and will love her for it instead of being disappointed or intimidated with them.

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