Wild Birds Captured In Slow-Motion Videos While Eating From The Palm Of The Photographer’s Hand


Interactions with wild animals such as birds is not an easy task. Birds fly away when disturbed. Jocelyn Anderson is a person with a special talent to get closer to these bird friends. Anderson is a photographer in profession and she lives in Michigan. She is famous for her photos based on nature. Her albums consist of photographs as well as slow motion videos of birds. Some videos show the birds eating the palm of her hand.

She captures photos in a wide range from red-bellied woodpeckers to tufted titmice. She holds a handful of sunflower and peanut seeds in her hand for the birds to reach her. She does this with immense patience and gains a lot of happiness through this.

Receiving a camera as a birthday present paved her path to start her career in photography. Her mind had been drawn to natural events, especially towards feathered friends.

Check Anderson’s Youtube channel and her Instagram profile to check out more slow motion videos if you’re interested in them.

Jocelyn Anderson Photography: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube
h/t: [PetaPixel]

All Images Via Jocelyn Anderson Photography.

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