Without Crowds, Yosemite is Happy With Wild Friends Enjoying the Park for Themselves


Nowadays, the iconic park can be seen with happy wild animals which are living as if they have never met us, the humans.

The United States of America Is a place full of places to visit for the international tourists as well as the domestic sightseers. The glorious national parks of the USA are the top ranked places which are very popular among all those.

Yosemite National Park is one such park which is ranked as one of the top sites. The extent of the park is 1,189 sq. miles (3,080 sq. km.). It consists of unique ecological regions, huge waterfalls and more than 800 miles of trails nestled in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains. With all these, the Yosemite park is one of the best and the most unique places located in the Western hemisphere.

Most of the tourists visit Yosemite during summer and spring seasons. The parking lots of the park are usually being filled with buses and cars. And also you’d be able to see the happy selfie partners everywhere as well as the trails spilling over with swarms of hikers. The site during this season is really prestigious. This is an ideal place for the ones who wish to escape from the busy society around them.

But, the unfortunate destiny of the humans fighting against the coronavirus has led all these beautiful places to shut down. Many places such as Yosemite, which gives us the comfort of Mother Nature have become off-limits to us. Thus we have to be satisfied with the webcams fixed across the huge park.

However, this shutdown has led all these natural parks to revert back into their natural appearance.

One of the videos which was released by the Yosemite National Park shows no signs of any tourist. Instead the park was full of happy animals roaming here and there, enjoying freedom. The park too seems to act as if it has never met the humans.

Young deer of the park are freely roaming across the roads which the cars were moving a few days ago. Coyotes are hanging out very peacefully while the bobcats slink glides in the underbrush. No noises were heard except the magical sound of the waterfalls and babbling brooks.

The post of the video read:

“While so much has changed for humans in recent weeks, it’s reassuring to see that nature carries on as it always has.

Spring seems to be slowly creeping into the valley, the sun finally emerging after a week or two of rain and snow. Waterfalls are gradually picking up momentum, and wildlife is becoming more active, perhaps enjoying having the park mostly to themselves. Relax with us for a moment as we share a peek into Yosemite Valley during the current park closure.”

Yosemite was among the parks which were closed at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The park was shut soon after the announcements of the local health authorities. Only the staff members and the workers are residing in the park since the lockdown which started from the 20th of March.

Prior to the shutdown of the parks, many of them released discounts on entry tickets. Thus the people were able to relax and exercise while maintaining social distance with each other for a few days. But, it was no longer permitted as the health officials realized the necessity of the shutdown of the recreational spaces. Therefore, the entrance to the park was restricted as gathering of a huge crowd would be a massive public health liability.

But no worries as the park won’t be left closed for years and years. Hope you too don’t expect it to be so. President Theodore Roosevelt, was the person to lay the foundation for the National Park system in the 20th century. He was very attentive about the destruction caused to the wildlife resources of North America. And also he was concerned about the natural beauty and the eradication of its wildlife. President Roosevelt has established 230 million acres of public land during his presidency, Roosevelt decided to establish 230 million acres of public land to be conserved as the land for public enjoyment and relaxation.

Source of the information: TMU

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