Woman Attaches Camera to Bird Feeder and Captures 20 Amazing Images


Birds have long been associated with liberty. However, because of their freeing capacity to fly, they appear to us to be unreachable and mysterious. Fortunately, there is a method to meet nature face to face and study all species of birds in their natural habitat without frightening or harming them.

The beauty of a bird is one-of-a-kind. People appreciate them for their vibrant colors, which make them one of the most admired creatures.

When Lisa relocated from Germany to Michigan, she observed that a significant variety of lovely bird species were flying in her garden. Given this, he decided to attach a camera to his bird feeder to photograph its beauty.

“There was a lot of color and diversity, which was different from what I was used to in city life, and I wanted to share it with my family in Germany, so I started feeding birds and photographing them.” – Liza adds.

Below we present some of the photographs that leaves are managed to take.

1. “I enjoy looking at the beauty of the bird’s physical anatomy, the exquisite patterns, feathers, colors, and, of course, the antics.”

2. A lovely male Northern Cardinal.

3. Despite its frightening appearance, this Grackle is quite lovely.

4. This is what a mourning dove looks like.

5. A blue jay losing its plumage.

6. Meet the American goldfinch.

7. A discussion between two Eastern bluebirds.

8. Another unusual Blue Jay.

9. This tiny guy is a tufted jobless.

10. Do you recognize this bird? It’s a Chickadee, by the way.

11. This European starling is quite fashionable.

12. A woodpecker combines its head and belly.

13. This pigeon chose to rest for a while.

14. This European starling did not appear to be aware that they were being photographed.

15. An American Goldfinch spreads its wings.

16. This European starling has lovely plumage.

17. An American Robin looks at the camera.

18. Sweet eastern bluebird.

19. The blue jay has a lovely plumage design.

20. And this lovely hummingbird couldn’t be left behind.

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